Better network to elevate your business…

The retail sector, in its many forms, has become one of the most IT intensive markets. Conventional signage is now replaced by IP based digital signage; RFID-enabled shelves and kiosks enable staff and customers to instantly check items in stock; and the e-commerce explosion has led business to raise their investment in data center capacity.

These businesses need a flexible and scalable network infrastructure to support ever-growing network demands. Dextan products support to provide complete network solution to retail outlets, shopping centers, and warehouse and logistics facilities


Commercial/ Industrial/ Healthcare

A reliable network for critical & lifeline sector..

Network infrastructure should seamlessly connect staff, medical equipment and patient information systems at any time due patient live support of Medical equipment which is in network connectivity.

Industry experts say the most critical IT responsibility for healthcare CIOs is maintaining a robust, reliable, and secure infrastructure that:

Connects carers, researchers, and educators so patients get the best care

Dextan deliver unsurpassed quality to help you realize your full clinical and operational potential and focus on patients, while maximizing your return on infrastructure investment.



When it comes to residential security for personal and property protection, Dextan System offers a complete line of CCTV and access control solutions to accommodate applications from single family homes to high-rise condominium towers with over 300 suites. With Dextan System access control, you can manage traffic flow in and out of the property, including elevators and parking garages.

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Robust and reliable communication infrastructure for education and academic researches.

Schools, colleges and universities have changed as a direct result of evolving computer technology. Students of today are more likely to find themselves in front of a computer screen rather than a blackboard.  As educational tools continue to change, so does the nature of learning and the acquisition of knowledge.

Mobile classrooms, multimedia teaching material and networks interconnecting local education establishments many miles apart, all create a demand for very sophisticated data networks.

Dextan has the knowledge, experience and solutions to support the most sophisticated and ambitious data network. Whether it is high speed, robust connectivity within the classroom or Lecture Theater or a campus fibre network ring.



Stable network to have reliable investment and revenue..

Trading, banking, and service providers within the financial sector require networks that can handle heavy amounts of transactions, real-time market information, and low latency. Whether the requirement is for front office, back office, or in the data centre, networks in the financial sector must be reliable and scalable to handle multiple tech refreshes.

Dextan products are designed and manufactured for use in challenging and restricted environments. They include high density connectivity products and modular based solutions, offering ease of installation and design flexibility to meet the most stringent performance criteria.



Communication network is a Fuel to drive..

Hospitality & Airports are thriving communities, consisting of thousands of workers and passengers with a wide array of network demands. A network infrastructure must serve the very different needs of airport and hospitality sector administrators, airlines, retail and services tenants, baggage operators, air traffic control, police, passengers and government authorities and check in, Check out.

Hotels & Airports are also very dynamic environments, and the need for flexibility and planning for future contingencies is essential. To avoid disruption, Hotel and airport operators require an ICT cabling infrastructure that is ‘fit once’ and capable of supporting multiple generations of tech upgrades.

Dextan support to provide robust and reliable cable and connectivity that can scale as the networks grow and evolve.



Public transportation such as bus depots, train stations, airports and public parking garages can all benefit from video surveillance for property and personal protection.

Public Transportation
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